WWE Diva Layla is a Valet Now

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WWE Divas – September 21, 2012 Smackdown Results: Layla picks up a win over Natalya, while Eve plays the Victim

On the September 21, 2012 episode of WWE Smackdown, former Divas Champion Layla took on Natalya, with Eve on commentary

WWE Divas – September 21, 2012 Smackdown Match:
Layla vs. Natalya

—New Divas Champion makes her way to the ring to be a guest on commentary. We’re back from a commercial break, and Layla and Natalya are in the ring set to face each other in one-on-one action. As the bell rings, Layla’s giving Eve the evil eye. Natalya pushes Layla, and Layla reacts with a nice spin kick. As the match is taking place, Eve mentions how she can’t believe Layla’s making accusations against her. Layla gets the win after nailing Natalya with the Lay-Out.


Winner(s): Layla after 1:00

Thoughts: Not much to say about the match, especially since it was short. Both Layla and Natalya did do a nice job though with the time given. Eve did great on commentary, and I love how she’s trying to play the victim.

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