Bobby’s Review of BLOW featuring Amazing Kong, Serena Deeb, Shelly Martinez & more…


Hello to my loyal Bobbyverse. Hopefully you all enjoyed Extreme Rules as much as I did but now I’ve got something else to offer you. I’m sure we all remember that new promotion that popped up last year titled “BLOW”. I reviewed their debut show back in December and found that it had a certain charm to it. I enjoyed the debut show so much I’m now going back for more. This show took place on May 11th from Iselin, New Jersey. I obviously haven’t been keeping up to date with it that much because this is actually their fourth show. I’m sure you’ll forgive me. Shall we get down to some Bombshell Wrestling then?

The first show was freely available on Youtube but this one was on iPPV courtesy of and the link to it is below:

Note that this version is the unedited footage of the evening so the actual show doesn’t start until nearly two hours in. The website says an edited version will be available ‘soon’ but I watched on Friday, nearly a week after it happened so it’s up to you whether you want to wait indefinitely. Before I get into the wrestling, I’ll address a few issues about the show. On the last show, one of the main problems were the acoustics of the venue and the difficulty in knowing who was who. This was thankfully fixed with a much better venue where it was easy to hear the ring announcer and they added name bars for the talent this time. Also the live camera switching was very good and the stream itself was quite high quality. There were a few cons with the wrestling itself but I’ll address them further down. So shall we get down to it?


Santana Garrett vs La Rosa Negra

Santana Garrett vs La Rosa Negra


Match 1 – Santana Garrett vs La Rosa Negra:

A very good way to kick off the show; both Santana and La Rosa Negra impressed me on the first SHINE show I watched. La Rosa has apparently become a fixture at BLOW while Santana is making her debut for the promotion. We open with some technical mat-based wrestling which pleases me greatly. Santana opens my eyes early on by getting a standing monkey flip to escape from a wrist lock. She follows this up with a nice corner-flip arm drag and a float-over sunset flip for two. La Rosa takes control with a kitchen sink and she starts delivering some nice leg drops. Repeatedly. Wow, gotta love this aggression from La Rosa. She even busts out the Three Amigos (Amigas?) with the third suplex ending in a bridge pin for two. Santana is able to hit a facebuster and starts to mount her comeback. She gets a series of clotheslines, followed by an absolutely sick facecrusher. She follows that up with the handspring elbow and goes for a superkick but La Rosa counters it into a powerslam. The counter itself is actually a lot fancier and impressive than my writing can make it seem, it’s just really hard to describe. La Rosa goes to the top rope and Santana jumps up to meet her with an attempt at a superplex. Santana tries a Stratusphere which is also blocked. After some brawling on the top rope, La Rosa takes control and jumps down into a single leg Boston Crab. With Santana unable to get to the ropes, she taps out.

Nice little opening match and great to see these two women face each other. La Rosa continues to impress with her intensity and aggression. Santana has now become one of my favourites to watch in the ring and I look forward to seeing her become a regular at BLOW shows. This match itself had a nice pace and great action in it. Santana makes the perfect underdog face for the fans to root behind. I see her easily becoming a promotion’s top babyface in the near future. I did notice a couple of miscommunications in the match but they didn’t hurt it at all. Good start to the show. 7/10



Alicia vs Sumie Sakai

Alicia vs Sumie Sakai


Match 2 – Alicia vs Sumie Sakai:

Alicia is one of WSU’s veteran performers (though she has left that promotion now) and Sumie Sakai impressed at the first BLOW show. She has since dyed her hair blonde which doesn’t really suit her in my opinion. Alicia smiles and waves to the fans while Sakai is a bit more friendly – foreshadowing people. We start off with a test of strength and – you guessed it – Alicia turns heel right there. We still get some really fast-paced action and the ref gets involved in it too. Alicia and Sakai actually sweep him off his feet and cover him. After this, the fun is over and Sakai locks in a camel clutch. Alicia escapes and properly takes control, fully heeling it up. I have to say she makes a better heel. Sakai comes back with a series of dropkicks, looking especially crisp and effective. Alicia cuts her off with a jawbreaker but misses an elbow drop. Sakai traps her in a body scissors and takes her for a ride in a good old barrel roll. She then does something weird by smooching the referee right in the face and giving him a small package – which Alicia counts. After that she uses Sakai’s own trick – a kiss and small package which gets the three count.


Not as solid as the opening match but still very good and with a lot of fun antics. Both women were very solid and entertaining. Sumie Sakai is just adorable and yet quite vicious as well. She reminds me a little of Hiroyo Matsumoto. Involving the ref was weird but it gave the crowd a bit of entertainment and it’s not something you see every day. I personally think Alicia works better as a heel. 6.5/10


Silvie Silver vs Angel Orsini

Silvie Silver vs Angel Orsini


Match 3 – Silvie Silver vs Angel Orsini:

Silvie caught my eye at the first BLOW show and here she is against an opponent who can match her size. Though this adds a new level of confusion as to where she’s actually from because in other matches she’s been billed from Norway, Finland, Amsterdam and now Russia. Angel Orsini is a name I’ve heard of but this is the first time I’ve seen her work. She comes in with a lot of energy and enthusiasm but she really needn’t have bothered because the crowd seems to be behind Silvie for the whole match. Orsini starts off strong with a couple of arm drags and a northern lights suplex. Silver retreats to ringside and actually headbutts a fan in the front row. Yeesh that’s one way to get heat. She properly takes control once she gets back in the ring. Orsini comes back with a Russian leg sweep but Silver cuts her off with a backbreaker. She throws Orsini out of the ring and strangely waits for her to get back inside. They collide with a double crossbody in the middle of the ring. Next up is a bit of a chop-off as Orsini then delivers a Saito Suplex. She then hits a neckbreaker for two. Silver however distracts the ref, thumbs Orsini in the eyes and powerbombs her. She then pins her with her feet on the ropes for three.

Not as fun as Silvie’s debut match for BLOW with Jewells Malone but still quite fun. You can see Silvie improving in the ring. If she keeps wrestling and working with a variety of opponents then that’ll do plenty of good for her. I think maybe the dynamic would have worked better with Silvie as the face and Angel Orsini as the heel, mostly because Orsini was just like a rag doll during the middle of the match. The worst thing a face can do during a match is stay static and just let the heel drag them everywhere. But those issues didn’t hurt the match too much and it was solid enough. The powerbomb on someone of Orsini’s size was impressive. 6/10


Amazing Kong vs "Pryme Tyme" Amy Lee

Amazing Kong vs “Pryme Tyme” Amy Lee


Match 4 – Amazing Kong vs Amy Lee [First Blood Match]:

So Amy Lee wrestles as well does she? And we were technically denied a women’s first blood match in TNA so here’s our chance to get to see a full length one. I am eternally thankful to the wrestling gods that Amy Lee wasn’t given a microphone, though she did manage to drop a couple of F-bombs and throw a few middle fingers – lovely behaviour when there are children in the audience. But it is nice to see Kong paired with someone against whom she can believably play a babyface. She brings down a kendo stick while Amy Lee brings down a steel chair. Naturally we get some brawling to start off. And naturally, given the size of the two involved, it’s quite slow. Early on they both collide attempting simultaneous clotheslines. Neither woman goes down showing how evenly matched they are. Kong actually produces a coat hanger and introduces it to Lee’s forehead but it doesn’t break the skin. Lee ends up outside the ring and we get some more ‘brawling’. Kong drags Lee around the ring and hops her head off the ringposts and the apron – but still no blood. She actually bites her on the forehead but still no blood is drawn. Lee comes back by headbutting Kong and throwing her back into the ring. She picks up the kendo stick and…erm…sticks it into a very compromising place. She also chokes Kong out with it. Kong comes back by whipping Lee into the steel chair that had been set up in the corner earlier. The chair ends up outside the ring so a fan actually picks it up and throws it back to Kong. Lee however takes advantage and DDTs Kong onto the chair. But wait! She’s already bleeding from the forehead but the referee has not seen it. She tries to cover the wound with her hair but Kong knocks her down with the spinning back fist. The ref now sees the blood and calls for the bell, declaring Kong the winner.

Well that was awkward to watch. I honestly hate writing negative reviews but there is very little to be positive about this match. People always seem to be excited whenever two giants face each other but the matches tend to be slow and plodding…which this one was. Amazing Kong works best when she has a fiery face to go against and dominate, creating a David vs Goliath battle. Giving her a larger opponent could have worked but Amy Lee does not seem like the right candidate. This is the first match of hers that I’ve seen so I can’t judge her too much but I was not impressed. And I’m sick of her vulgarity. I’m not easily offended but there were children in the crowd and it seemed to be billed as a family friendly show so there was no call for her to curse and make rude hand gestures to get cheap heat. I’m not happy with her doing it in WSU either but at least that’s billed as an “uncensored” show. On paper anyway this match looked fine and there were a few interesting spots. However the execution fell flat and it was the weakest match of the night. 4/10

After this match they took an intermission. This ended up being one of the cons of the evening as well – it was announced as only lasting for ten or fifteen minutes and I think it lasted about forty minutes. It seemed like a few people left and people were getting restless. I’ve had problems with those on shows myself and it’s best for intermissions to be kept short so the crowd doesn’t get bored. During this intermission we get an interview with Silvie Silver. The announcer insinuates that she is possibly a mail-order bride. Now there’s a doozy of a storyline.


Amber Rodriguez vs Cherry Layne

Amber Rodriguez vs Cherry Layne


Match 5 – Cherry Layne vs Amber Rodriguez:

Cherry Layne is someone I’ve never heard of and I’m immediately put off by seeing her wrestle in a t-shirt. It looks unprofessional and makes her seem like a bush league wrestler. Getting proper gear is not that hard and even wrestling in a tank top or something unique will look better than a t-shirt. Amber Rodriguez’s name rings a bell and she has a nice look to her. I might keep my eye on this one. Cherry plays cat and mouse games early on, ducking and dodging her opponent. We get some punches in the corner from Amber but there seems to be a mistiming with a clothesline. Nonetheless they carry on and Amber hits a big clothesline. Cherry has had enough it seems and leaves the ring to take a powder. She’s playing possum though and jawbreakers Amber on the ropes to take control of the match. After a couple of minutes of Cherry in control, Amber blocks a vertical suplex and connects with a Samoan Drop for the abrupt win.

And just when it was getting going, it was over. I’m almost positive that this match had its time slashed because the intermission ran too long. That just annoys me when wrestlers have to take time cuts because the promoters have scheduling issues. I don’t pretend to know the reason for the intermission running too long but it still sucks if these two had to take a time cut because of it. I can’t say either of them got the chance to show off much of what they could do in this short match but there were a couple of nice moves. I hope we see them on future BLOW shows where they’ll hopefully be given more time and chances. The low rating is due to the time. 3/10


Serena vs Shelly Martinez

Serena vs Shelly Martinez

Match 6 – Serena vs Shelly Martinez:

Now here’s a nice surprise. I wasn’t expecting to see Serena in action and I was also surprised to see that her hair has now grown back to its original length. She doesn’t look as perky as she normally does however. Now Shelly Martinez I know by name and reputation but I haven’t had much of a chance to see her wrestle. A guy in the crowd who the announcers call ‘Clark’ is apparently her number 1 fan and gets a hug from her. The crowd is pretty divided between the two women, both getting equal pops and chants. Serena starts off by targeting the arm but Martinez escapes. They go for a test of strength but Serena quickly plays dirty. Martinez is able to come back with a crossbody off the top rope but the match comes to a halt. Serena has apparently been injured. We all know her history with concussions and Martinez helps her out of the ring. The referees escort her backstage as we go to a transition graphic for the next…hold on! Serena has been faking it! She attacks Martinez in the entrance ramp and starts hammering away at her at ringside. Once they’re back in the ring, Serena illegally uses the ropes to apply a camel clutch. After this she seemingly targets her opponent’s neck. Martinez is able to get her own back by sending Serena into the ring post shoulder-first. She continues her momentum with clotheslines and then delivers the spot of the match – a move that can only be described as an inverted wheelbarrow facebuster. It’s quite impressive looking but the momentum of it sends Serena outside the ring. She dodges the baseball slide and regains control. She actually drags Martinez to each corner of the ring to deliver one big punch. Martinez comes back with an atomic drop and then Serena goes for the gutbuster. Martinez however is able to reverse and hit an STO for three.

I’d say this was tied with the Santana/La Rosa match earlier on as match of the evening. However I did feel as though there was something lacking – much like with Silvie/Angel perhaps the dynamic would have worked better with the roles reversed? Serena is in her element when she’s the fiery babyface and Martinez seems to have much more character as a heel. Serena’s heel matches just don’t wow me in the way that her face matches do. That being said, I still enjoyed the match. The fake injury twist was very well done. I know it’s cliché to say this but I genuinely thought she was injured. The women made it look as though they were calling a spot on the fly to try and cover it up and they even showed a graphic to imply that the match was over. But it was a great swerve and an interesting way to pull it off. Martinez’s unique move was also impressive and made the match for me. It is good to see Serena wrestling regularly again especially with her luscious locks back as well. 7/10


Missy Sampson vs Mickie Knuckles

Missy Sampson vs Mickie Knuckles

Main Event – Missy Sampson* vs Mickie “Moose” Knuckles [BLOW Championship Match]:

Since the first BLOW show, Missy Sampson defeated all the other competitors to become the first Bombshells Champion. She’s making her defence against a woman who was in TNA briefly in 2008. It seems that BLOW management took note of the cheers Missy was getting at the debut show and now she’s working face. Mickie Knuckles is also a face and cuts a promo to get the crowd excited. She also admits that the two of them have been drinking all evening, which does explain the match we eventually get. She even checks the referee for foreign objects – the first of many things this poor guy has to go through in the next fifteen minutes. We get some very solid chain wrestling to start off with and Knuckles eventually gets the upper hand with a necklock. She actually licks the ref and school girls him – which Sampson counts. Sampson then school girls her own challenger and is in turn rolled up by the referee. She then puts a stop to the fun by attacking Knuckles and the match gets underway. Knuckles connects with a spinning forearm which sends the champion outside the ring. She however delivers a snap suplex to her challenger onto the only part of the floor that doesn’t have padding on it. Back in the ring, Knuckles utilises a few knife-edge chops and an illegal fishhook. She hits a running knee lift and then lands a senton for two. She goes to the top rope but Sampson cuts her off and hits a superplex. She then locks in a cobra clutch on her challenger but Knuckles actually bites the arm to escape. Sampson locks it in a second time but Knuckles is able to get to the ropes. Sampson changes strategies and locks in a rear-naked clutch. Knuckles passes out and Sampson has retained her title.

A pretty solid main event. The crowd were probably feeling a bit restless after the long intermission, exhausting first blood match and the previous match too. So it was good of these two to add some comedy into this match because the crowd enjoyed it. That poor referee though. I wonder if antics like that would go down so well with two male wrestlers and a female ref? The match was pretty entertaining and both women were very solid. Mickie Knuckles has a good character and she reminds me more of a cross between Molly Holly and ODB. She and Missy Sampson move very well for two larger women and they put on an entertaining match, if the ending was a little lacklustre. 6.5/10

 Things aren’t over just yet. Missy Sampson grabs the microphone and announces that she will defend the title at anytime, anywhere and against anyone. Cue some entrance music and La Rosa Negra appears and charges the ring. Sampson drops her with a Sky High but La Rosa gets right up and starts attacking her. Sampson appears to have passed out and the match doesn’t happen. La Rosa starts posing with the belt and leaves with it. According to the referee, since Missy Sampson was unable to compete she has forfeited the belt and La Rosa Negra is the new BLOW Champion. Sampson grabs the microphone and yells at the referee for his decision. The crowd is now chanting “bull shit!” and Sampson says “my thoughts exactly” before leaving.

Well that was a confusing ending to the show. It didn’t really make sense. If Missy Sampson isn’t able to compete then the match should go to a no-contest and the title shouldn’t change hands. Or at least be vacated. It reeks of Vince Russo booking and seems like a clumsy way to get a storyline going. I’m trying to examine what possible direction they could go in from here? Missy Sampson seemed to single the ref out so perhaps a possible intergender storyline between them if he himself is actually a wrestler – he did seem to know how to do a roll up. Nonetheless it was a confusing end to a so-so show.

Well this BLOW show didn’t exactly set my world on fire and it wasn’t as good as the first one. There were good matches but no great ones. They improved in some areas but had problems in others. I’m going to give this promotion the benefit of the doubt because it does have a certain charm to it and I think it’ll find its feet eventually. The quality of the stream and some of the names it has managed to get justifies giving it a few more chances. Oh and if you want to get yourself especially excited for the next BLOW show, they made an announcement; the BLOW Champion (who I guess is La Rosa Negra now) will defend her title against a debuting Bombshell next time – Angelina Love!

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Madison Rayne announces pregnancy, TNA Knockouts Knockdown “One Night Only” PPV Results… Jackie Moore, Trinity, Jillian Hall & more

TNA Knockout Madison Rayne announces pregnancy

—Today on twitter, TNA Knockout Madison Rayne, real name Ashley Nichole Cabot announced that she is pregnant. Jesse Cabot and Madison are expecting in August…

Despite not being able to wrestle, Madison did appear at the All-Knockouts Pay-Per-View that was taped on March 17, 2013 at the Impact Zone in Universal Studios Florida in Orlando. Numerous Knockouts of the past, as well as independent Women’s Wrestlers were at the Pay-Per-View. Names included Jacqueline Moore, Trinity, Jillian Hall, Santana Garrett, Mia Yim, Alissa Flash (Cheerleader Melissa), Serena Deeb and more.

Continue on for Full Results…

TNA Knockouts Knockdown One Night Only Pay-Per-View

1–Gail Kim defeated Alissa Flash via Eat Defeat.
2–Lei’d Tapa defeated Ivelisse Velez
3–Tara w/Jessie Godderz defeated Mia Yim
4–Brooke Tessmacher defeated Santana Garrett
5–ODB defeated Trinity via TKO
6–Jackie Moore defeated Taryn Tarrell
7–Hannah Blossom defeated Sojo Bolt and Taeler Hendrix
8–Velvet Sky defeated Jillian Hall
9–Mickie James defeated Serena Deeb

Each winner competed in a battle royal to crown the “Queen of the Knockouts.”

Battle Royal – Entrants in order:
1) Hannah Blossom
2) Gail Kim
3) Lei’d Tapa
4) Tara
5) Mickie James
6) Brooke Tessmacher
7) Jackie Moore
8) ODB
9) Velvet Sky

1) Hannah Blossom
2) Lei’d Tapa
3) Jackie
4) ODB
5) Velvet
6) Tessmacher
7) Tara
9) Mickie James

Winner: Gail Kim, Madison Rayne came out and awarded Kim with the “Queen of the Knockouts” crown.


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Paige picks up huge WWE house show wins, Kharma and Angelina Love set to wrestle at Shine 8, Mae Young & more


Kharma, Angelina Love and more set for Shin 8

—SHINE Wrestling returns on Saturday, March 23, 2013, for SHINE 8. In the main event will be a huge 8-Woman tag-team match, as Kharma, Angelina Love, Mia Yim and Christina Von Eriee take on VALKYRIE’s Rain, Ivelisse and Made in Sin.

Angelina Love made her debut for Shine Wrestling during Shine 7 (Bobby Between The Ropes: Review of SHINE 7). She was only used in an in-ring promo segment with Daffney, before being interrupted by Valkyrie. This should be an interesting match… will we see cohesiveness from Kharma, Love, Mia Yim and Christina? or some kind of swerve?

Also on the card will be the phenomenal Mercedes Martinez versus former TNA Knockout Roxxi. One-half of the WOW Women of Wrestling Tag-Team Champions Santana Garrett will take on Sojo Bolt (Amber O’Neal & Santana Garrett crowned WOW Tag-Team Champions), Reby Sky vs. Jessicka Havok, and much more.

The event will be live on Internet Pay-Per-View. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW) presented Girls Night Out 8 on Saturday March 1st, 2013 at Turner’s Hall in Cleveland, Ohio. The Internet Pay-Per-View saw AIW Women’s Champion Allysin Kay defeat Mickie Knuckles, as well as Veda Scott defeat Addy Starr, Athena and Crazy Mary Dobson in a Ladder Match to determine the #1 contender for the AIW Women’s Title.

—After the WWE roster sang Happy Birthday for WWE Hall-of-Famer Mae Young on Old School Raw (Too bad it was interrupted by C.M. Punk), Vince McMahon and Triple H presented Mae with a WWE Divas Championship belt in a Exclusive…

Mae Young turns 90 on March 12, 2013.

WWE Diva Page—NXT Diva Paige (Britani Knight) picked up big wins this past weekend at WWE Raw live events. On March 2, 2013 in Kalamazoo, Michigan she pinned AJ Lee, and once again the next day in Cleveland, Ohio. Here are the results from…

(3) Paige (from NXT) beat A.J. Lee with special guest referee Hornswoggle. Paige won with a roll-up, then A.J. threw a fit and walked out very angry.

(3) Paige (from NXT) beat A.J. Lee. They are really good together. Paige is going to be a great addition to the main roster and hopefully they give this match some quality TV time.

So Cal Val was interviewed by Brandon Baxter of Kiss 101.7 FM in Jonesboro, Arkansas. She called in to promote the show in Jonesboro. Check it out…

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