TNA Hardcore Justice 2 PPV spoilers, this week’s WWE Smackdown and WWE Main Event spoilers

Here is the WWE Divas spoilers for the March 20, 2013 episode of WWE Main Event, March 22, 2013 episode of WWE Smackdown, and TNA’s Hardcore Justice 2 Pay-Per-View…

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Here is this week’s WWE Main Event Divas match…

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As part of TNA’s “One Night Only” series, “TNA Hardcore Justice 2″ was taped on March 19, 2013. In Women’s Wrestling action was ODB defeating Jackie Moore in a Hardcore Knockouts match.

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Thoughts: With rumors rampant of a Layla heel turn, it is a shame that we will not be getting any development on WWE Smackdown. With the two weeks of Raw and Smackdown left leading into WrestleMania 29, I suppose a heel turn will be rushed, if we will be getting the rumored 8-Divas Tag-Team match (Rumored WWE Divas match for WrestleMania 29). At least we will be getting some more development of a rivalry between The Bella Twins and The Funkadactyls… Why this could not have happened on this past Monday’s Raw baffles me.

On the TNA Knockouts front, it is interesting to see Jackie Moore booked in another match. Could this mean we will be seeing her on Impact Wrestling in the neat future? I certainly hope so. Seeing this hardcore match between ODB and Jackie is many months away, but let us hope they delivered.

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Rumored WWE Divas match for WrestleMania 29, Jackie Moore wrestles at another TNA One Night Only Pay-Per-View, Names of Models at NXT

WrestleMania 29 logo

News originating from F4WOnline is that the Women’s Wrestling match we will see at WrestleMania 29 will be an 8-Divas Tag-Team Match…

—The rumor is that we will see TV personality Maria Menounos return to WrestleMania, to team up with Kaitlyn, Cameron and Naomi, to take on The Bella Twins, Layla and Tamina Snuka.

—During TNA’s taping for their “TNA Hardcore Justice 2″ Pay-Per-View, Jackie Moore was once again used, this time, she faced ODB in a Hardcore Knockouts Match.

Eve Torres and NXT Models - Natalie Eva Marie, Olivia Karpinski, Aimee Fogelman

Here is the names of the models Eve Torres visited with in WWE NXT last week…

Olivia Karpinski, Natalie Eva Marie, Aimee Fogelman, Joseann Offerman, Maysa Quy, Jenn Sterger, CJ Perry and Courtney Cameron (“Jaguar” from VH1′s For the Love of Ray-J).

—Here is new video of Mickie James, as part of the Honor One Campaign (…

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Down Memory Lane Part 1: Celebrating 5 Years of the TNA Knockouts Championship… Top 25 Knockouts Matches #25 through #22

At Bound for Glory 2007—five years ago, TNA crowned its first ever TNA Knockouts Champion, which turned out to be Gail Kim (Profile & Pictures), after she pinned Roxxi Laveaux. Ever since, the TNA Knockouts division has become one of the most talked about Women’s Division in Wrestling–in a very long time. Before the crowning of the first Knockouts Champion, Christy Hemme; Gail Kim; Jackie Moore; Roxxie Laveaux; and Traci Brooks, were being used heavily and wrestling on a more regular basis, crossing paths with each other numerous times. Before that, Trinity also paved the way for the Division we see now.

So with Bound For Glory approaching, it is only fitting we take the time to take a walk down memory lane and look back at some moments that changed the knockouts division over the last five years, but also moments even before the introduction of the Knockouts Championship, where many women helped influence the way we see the Women of TNA, whom we call Knockouts. So I’ll be counting down 25 Matches, I personally feel, changed the way we see the knockouts, and helped make these women get the respect they truly deserve.


#25: Victory Road 2004: Trinity vs. Jacqueline


This match has always been labeled the First ever Knockouts PPV Match in History. Back in the day, four women truly ruled TNA, Alexis Laree, Traci Brooks, Desire and of course, Trinity, who had wrestle men, wrestled in the X-Division regularly, was the IT Knockout, and everything you’d look for in a star. Trinity always was their star, and she issued an open challenge to any Woman in TNA and funny enough, before we even referred to the Women of TNA as Knockouts, Trinity always referred to herself as the “New York Knockout,” so it’s easy to see why we call her one of the original Knockouts. She issued a challenge and when she thought her challenge went un answered, out came Jacqueline, and in Jacqueline fashion, little to say but ready to kick ass. Which she did, Jacqueline attacked her from behind and started the beating on her. Honestly, I felt if Jacqueline and Trinity ever went toe-to-toe in a more competitive match, it would be like watching two men wrestle, because these were two women, who were in matches with men on a regular basis, they could take a punch and dish it out too. Mind you it was a little over 2 minutes long, though it was pure magic in the making, because three years later, all the women were called Knockouts and they had a championship to wrestle for and were wrestling almost every PPV, this could be seen as the first step to all that was about to come and it seemed right to start out with this match.
Jacqueline and Trinity continued their battle after Jacqueline took out Trinity’s henchmen. What made this match so interesting, was nor Jacqueline or Trinity were technical pro’s, and managed to deliver a short and fun match, though I’d hope both women could have done more. It was enjoyable regardless. Trinity finish up the match after her boys got involved and caused the distraction and she finishes Jacqueline with a moonsault for the one-two-three.


#24 Super Impact October 15th 2009: Hamada vs. Alissa Flash – Falls Count Anywhere Match

This rivalry started after Alissa Flash attacked Hamada during an interview, in the backstage area, wounding her. A couple of weeks after, Hamada and Alissa Flash were on opposing teams in a 8-Knockouts Elimination match, and both women were eliminated by count-out. The following week, they were booked in a Falls Count Anywhere match, to finally put this rivalry to rest, and keep in mind, this wasn’t even for the Knockouts Championship—this was only a secondary feud. But Hamada and Alissa Flash stole the show… they were out there fighting toe-to-toe, and really demonstrating how much the crowd liked the Knockouts. The crowd was loving this match, they were into it, they were chanting for both ladies, and you could understand why. There were many close call moments where you thought something was going to happen but it didn’t. Barely any use of the actual ring itself, which was also different, either way, they wrestled a great match, that concluded when Hamada did a Moonsault off the rope to the outside, crashing onto Alissa Flash who was laid out on a table for the one, two and three.

You can see the match here:


#23 TNA Impact –Jackie Moore vs. Gail Kim Street Fight (2007)

Before there was Awesome Kong and Gail Kim, it was Jackie Moore and Gail Kim, and this duo never disappointed in the ring. Well, what can I say, this was coming off a Phenomenal Cage Match at Lockdown, these two came out and had a phenomenal Street fight, and honestly, I felt it was the same girly pattern WWE likes to add to their women’s matches (Pink Ladders and Tables),  but in TNA we got Bra’s and baking Pans and honestly, they put them to fun use. Sure it was a bra but it was not used in a stupid way at all, I always hated those pink Tables, either way, they battled outside the ring, battled inside the ring, used some weapons and brawl it out. This was when their feud was ending, and Roxxi Laveaux and Christy Hemme were slowly being tossed into the scene. I honestly felt if Awesome Kong never came in, Jackie Moore and Gail Kim still would have managed to wow us, and this just shows us why. Sure this match wasn’t long, but it was effective and keep in mind. Jackie Moore lost her tooth or two a couple minutes into the match, and managed to finish it like a trooper and do the post match beat down that was expected of her, talk about tough.


#22 Hardcore Justice 2011- TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match: Rosita & Sarita vs. TnT


Well, this is one of the recent matches and it’s for the Knockouts tag Team Championship, this was a rematch after TnT (Brooke Tessmacher and Tara), defeated Sarita and Rosita for the Knockouts Tag-Team Championship We all remembered that infamous brawl that opened up Impact with eight knockouts letting each other have it? Such a memorable moment, wasn’t it?  Either way,  this was such a fun tag team match, and in my opinion, one of the best executed Knockouts Tag-Team Championship Matches TNA had produced, with the right amount of fan involvement and two teams that had a veteran kind of helping out a new up and comer, which the Tag-Team Division has been great to do. It helped both Rosita and Brooke Tessmacher a lot, being able to work with their partners. Also the tag-team dynamic between both teams was just amazing. There was chemistry in both teams, and because of this, it helped lift the quality of the match because both teams seemed so comfortable with each other. It did show us that both Brooke Tessmacher and Rosita had loads of potential, and could become great assets to the Knockouts Division, if they ever wanted to start a singles career.


Well these are the first four matches. I’ve got twenty-one more matches, totally worth watching and hope to get some feedback and your opinions on some Knockouts moments, that is for you one of the most memorable knockouts moment.

Until next time….

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