K-Perspective – WWE Raw & TNA Impact: Kaitlyn the Challenger, loses momentum, Tara heading to No Surrender strong, NXT Divas in action and more

K-Perspective back again and this week was a rather interesting one. Eve Torres and Kaitlyn battle in the ring, Natalya suffers yet another loss, Tara and Gail Kim saves the week, while Layla El goes on another pointless banter and AJ and Vickie Guerrero steal the show once again.

Still the AJ Lee Show for another Week.

Well I figured it out, why I’m having a hard time liking Eve Torres is because, she is a pretty bad actress, she’s doing something similar to what Natalya is doing, which is playing nice and the shaky walk is also weird, why with all the hip movement really? The match itself wasn’t anything spectacular. I’m starting to think Eve Torres and Kaitlyn should just never wrestle and have no chemistry at all. We’ve seen better performances from both women but with each other, it never works, if the so called botch in the battle royal wasn’t a sign, maybe this is one that these two just don’t mesh. Also, what about Layla’s banter? It was really pointless I felt, it took away attention from the match because it had nothing to do with it, I’ve said it before, I feel this feud is a feud between Eve Torres and Kaitlyn and Layla is just involved because she’s champion. Though I have to admit, Eve Torres has been the most interesting factor throughout this whole thing, though again she hasn’t spoken much at all on screen.

AND again the weekly highlight of the week always goes to this dynamic duo of AJ Lee and Vickie Guerrero. Gosh every week these two just do amazing things in the ring and they never wrestle. Though I felt AJ Lee losing her mind in the ring was a bit weird, she was more insane than mental if you get me, she’d do things to weird you out, not things to say she’s just having a nervous breakdown. Either way, the segment was golden and I loved it. Vickie in the end was what it needed and made this segment so amazing. WHAT it is clear, as I predicted, AJ Lee’s reign as General manager was only short term, let’s just hope it won’t be treated the same as Tiffany(Taryn Terrell) after her time as ECW General Manager. But a match between these two could be in the works and honestly, I can’t wait.

Instant Impact

We got a great match between Gail Kim and Tara, it was pretty good, people keep complaining about time constraints, I seriously felt this felt satisfying and for an Impact match didn’t need to be too long. Both women did a great job and really can’t complain. I’ve said it before as well, the divas and Knockouts wrestle about the same amount of time on television shows but the quality in the ring always makes the difference no matter how much time you get. Gail Kim and Tara proved this. On the down side, no follow up on ODB and the Tag Team Title situation, just wished they had a follow up on that. I’m actually liking Taryn Terrell as a referee and who knows it really seem to be leading to something, maybe Madison Rayne and Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell and Brooke Hogan now? They haven’t won a match since she became a referee. So who knows? Even the backstage segment seems to be leading towards a potential Gail/Madison-Brooke encounter.

The Put divas there when we have no place on Smackdown show….I mean Superstars

I’ve just got to see as the weeks passes, really liking Natalya’s attire, she looks amazing in it and her hair, I prefer how it was last week. Anyways onto the match, this was one of 5 matches this year surpassing 4 minutes of course. Now this match, honestly not bad, lots of great qualities, some rough spots, but nothing bad, some nice moves as well. THEN there was the dancing, my gosh, really it is the most annoying thing in the world. She needs to stop it. Really NOT liking Layla’s new Dancing Gimmick, makes her look childish and losing credibility in my eyes. Then you had Natalya’s post match tantrum, which I usually don’t mind but if your on a losing streak, really why get mad about losing? Also Layla’s new finisher Kick, short people shouldn’t have any kind of extended Kicks as finishers or people with short legs, at this point, Stacy’s spinning Kick looks way more effective than this move.


Audrey Marie
and Paige battled it out o NXT. And the Raven Haired Lady showed that the fans is fully supporting her. I bet you they wanted her to be heel but this turned into a ODB moment and the crowd is cheering her on. I like it, though it seems Audrey may be a bit limited because it was way too much hair pulling for my liking but Paige more than made up for it with that wicked DDT that just looks so deadly. That’s what I like, making simple moves look effective. While Audrey, still having a hard time taking her seriously, she looks like such a T&A girl and they need to work on commentary, they keep referring to her as this southern Texan girl but in her appearance, attire you just don’t see the connection. At least in Brooke Tessmacher’s case you see the stars as reference to the “Lone Star State” but with Audrey there is nothing to make the connection and that frustrates me a bit. Either way, you can say I’m not the biggest Audrey supporter, nothing stand out about her.


Smackdown Minutes

While this week Kaitlyn was in a one minute segment that had nothing to do with the title match for next Sunday, basically they could have just tossed any diva there and it wouldn’t have made much difference on the bright side we got to see some Vickie Guerrero goodness in there.

What to look forward to look out for next week?

Well tonight Miss Tessmacher takes on Tara, should be interesting to see who comes out as the winner and the road to Bound For Glory begins, as well as more Kaitlyn, Eve Torres and Layla El development. I have to admit, it’s not THAT bad as you’d expect and last but not least, will Natalya extend her losing streak?

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K-Perspective – WWE Raw & TNA Impact: Kelly Kelly returns on Raw, Brooke Tessmacher scores win & more

Well back again and things this week seemed much more optimistic in the WWE since a long time ago, we got a divas match for a change on Raw, the return of Kelly Kelly, Brooke Tessmacher was in action on Impact while we had a Tag match on NXT, Eve Torres on Smackdown and much from NXT and OVW more.


The AJ Lee Show


This week on Raw, Kelly Kelly returned to take on Eve Torres in what was a quick, short, decent enough match. It was no great return, the fans cared a little and we saw Eve Torres playing heel a littlemore in the ring. I’ve got to give props to Eve Torres, she hasn’t had much opportunity to wrestle as a heel but she did fairly okay. Some credit needs to be given to Kelly Kelly too, the crowd was cheering her on, which is the most reaction any diva got like in a long time (Well if your name isn’t AJ Lee or Vickie Guererro) and she didn’t get worse in the ring. Sadly, she didn’t get better either. If Kelly Kelly is what we needed to have a Raw Divas match, guess we got to be happy for her return right? Nothing special, nothing note worthy and nothing came of it. In other words, nothing changed. Though i didn’t know why they didn’t make this a tag match and make the champ a tad bit more relevant.

AJ Lee also had her moments this weeks and certainly shake things up in her white suits. I’m digging it, she did a great job and her microphone skills are getting better as the weeks progress. It has always been her weak spot but the more they give her to do, the better she is getting and she deserves all the praises she has been getting. Now if she could only insert herself into booking some Divas matches too? Hey Ms. General Manager, AJ Lee, I think there is another champion, that might need your attention.


Instant Impact


TNA Knockouts champion Brooke….I mean Ms. Tessmacher was in action this week, taking on Gail Kim yet again. Another good decent match, it wasn’t bad and the two clearly build up some nice chemistry though all the time they’ve been working together. Madison Rayne came out, worked her lady magic on Earl again, making me question what might happen this Sunday. It could go either way, but in the end, I’m hoping for some solid action from both ladies. Brooke..I mean Ms. Tessmacher has proven she could pull out some good (not great) matches and Madison Rayne usually never disappoint in the ring. She always adds just enough entertainment and wrestling to all her matches. I was a bit disappointed there was no follow up to the knockouts Tag Team Title situation, why not? At least when they did that it seemed they cared just a little about the title, guess it was just to do some free advertising for Eric Young’s new show. ODB recently signed a new deal so we know she’s there for the long run but what exactly? I don’t know. Something needs to be done though.


We also got more Claire drama, this woman has got to go, she’s a bad actress and growing a bit annoying, just a bit though. I really feel they could have picked someone better to fit this role and someone who I could see them using after this whole storyline is done, sadly for Claire, once this is over I hope it is truly goodbye.


Smackdown Seconds

Looks like next week I might have to change this to Smackdown Minutes, but Eve Torres tried to get herself a job  this week on Smackdown (Which didn’t make much sense because she’s from Raw) either way, the new Smackdown General Manager Booker T told her no positions are currently open, then in came in Teddy with the scarcely seen Kaitlyn and she suggested she could be his assistant, Booker said yes but this made Eve Torres angry and she brought up the board and basically made a little threat. But Booker was kind enough to book match for smackdown next week which will be Kaitlyn vs. Eve Torres, something fresh I must admit so actually looking forward to this. Plus it’s the first Divas match since June, so it was certainly a change.




We got a rather odd tag match on NXT, it was Paige (Britani Knight) & Tamina Snuka taking on Kaitlyn and Caylee Turner (Alicia Fox’s little sister), first it was odd, all these weeks Paige seems to be playing heel and this week she’s a fan favorite, while Kaitlyn played heel this week which was also weird. Though Kaitlyn did great and pulled it off, showing once more, she’s got really talent for this, while despite having some Candice Michelle moments with the crowd, Paige did manage to get the crowd cheering her on when she tried to get a response. Tamina Snuka did her usual stuff while Caylee Turner didn’t look as impressive as I thought she was, she could use some work, she’s not hopeless though but she could use a lot of work right now; though she played a good heel. Paige really tried getting the crowd in the match though, at first it seemed like she didn’t care and was going be all like Candice Michelle and get no response. But the crowd warmed up to her crazy and actually cheered her on after. Oh, yeah i wasn’t comparing Candice and Paige ring wise, because she could clearly wrestle circles around Candice. Remember when they pushed Candice was pushed to the moon and nobody in the crowd cared? Well yeah it was looking like that, but the crowd liked the Raven Haired Vixen and responded well to her.




Well after sitting through two episodes of OVW, from last week and this week, seemingly there is trouble in paradise in Taeler Hendrix and her cutie Dylan Bostic paradise. It is really coming off as this Maxine-Derrick Bateman style with a twist. Anyways in both weeks we saw the duo arguing and with Taeler Hendrix setting her eyes now on the OVW TV Champion Ryan Howe, guess she likes men who has some gold around their waist. Also she successfully defended her championship against Jesse Belle at the Saturday Night Special show, though the match won’t be available for a month or so. SO I’ll be looking out for that. Seemingly Dylan almost cost her the match, which could have something to do with the argument this week. We also saw Josette Bynum (formerly known as SoJo Bolt) doing some dirty clean up jobs during the show. Which was no fun for her of course; she is currently secretary to OVW General Manager Frank Miller.


What to look forward to look out for next week?


Well, we have Kaitlyn vs. Eve Torres on smackdown to look forward too, hopefully more on the Knockouts Tag Team Championship. Also who is going to come out as champ this Sunday? Brooke Tessmacher or Madison Rayne?  And lastly the most important question of them all. Will the Divas Champ Layla El show up on Raw or Smackdown? Good question she seems to be lost these last couple of weeks.


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