WWE Divas- March 20, 2013 NXT Results: Today’s Forecast Calls For Baylee’s Debut & A Storm That’s Headed For Sasha


On the March 20, 2013 episode of WWE NXT, Baylee made her WWE debut, where she competed againt Paige!

WWE Divas – March 20, 2013 NXT Match:
Baylee vs. Paige

— Baylee and Paige start things off with the usual lock up, and Paige takes control with a takedown before both girls are back to eyeing each other. Once again, they both lock up, but this time, Baylee takes control as she works on damaging Paige’s arm. Paige rolls over and takes Baylee down with an arm drag takedown before going for a quick roll up. Baylee slams Paige’s head to the mat hard for a one count. Baylee’s back to working on Paige’s arm as Paige shows signs of pain. Baylee transitions into a double arm head lock hold, which adds even more pain to The Anti-Diva. Baylee goes for a roll up, but gets a two count. Paige nails a sharp kick to Baylee’s gut that makes my stomach turn from the sound of it. Paige’s back in control as she takes it to Baylee with a snapmare, followed by her signature corner stomp. Paige locks Baylee in a leg knot. Baylee taps out, as Paige celebrates her win! Summer Rae comes out and her and Paige eye each other before Summer runs away, not wanting anything to do with Paige.

Winner(s): Paige

— We’re taken backstage to Renee Young and Audrey Marie. Renee asks Audrey why she’s been quiet since her loss against Sasha in their previous encounter. Audrey tells Renee that it’s always calmest before the storm, and she’s coming for Sasha.

Thoughts: Although the match was short, I enjoyed the technical style of wrestling both Paige and Baylee showed. I would have loved for the match to have been longer though, but only because I wanted to see more from Baylee. Paige winning this match gives her the momentum she needs now that she’s back and ready to go after Summer Rae. By the way, I loved the submission Paige used on Baylee in this match. This hasn’t been the first time we’ve seen it from her, and I hope she continues to use it. Onto Audrey: I originally was thinking that WWE was going to drop the feud between Audrey and Sasha because they tend to do stuff like that, especially when it comes to the divas, but I’m happy they didn’t drop the feud. Adurey’s promo has me looking forward to seeing more between her and Sasha. All in all, a decent night for the NXT divas.

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