AJ to be feature in new Scooby-Doo animated movie, Khloe Kardashian, Linda McMahon, WSU Wrestling Next show date

—WWE.com has announced that Warner Bros. and WWE Studios will co-produce a new Scooby-Doo animated movie, where the characters of the show; Scooby; Shaggy; Velma; Daphne and Fred, work with WWE Superstars to solve a mystery at WrestleMania. Raw General Manager AJ Lee will be one of the Superstars featured in the film.

—WWE.com has also announced that Khloe Kardashian-Odom will be Raw’s next Social Media Ambassador. This will be on August 20, 2012, the Raw after SummerSlam 2012.

Linda McMahon has defeated former Rep. Chris Shays in the Republican primary in Connecticut. Linda will now face Democratic Rep. Christopher Murphy in November for Sen. Joseph Lieberman’s U.S. Senate.

Women Superstars Uncensored returns on Saturday, October 13, 2012, with “Full Steam Ahead.” The show will take place at the NYWC Sportatorium, in Deer Park, NY. In the main event, will be WSU Champion Jessicka Havok defending against Alicia and Lexxus.

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AJ Lee talks Playboy Magazine, Eve Torres survives Stars Earn Stripes episode 1, Tiffany (Taryn Terrell) Update, and more

AJ Lee joined Brian Soscia on the Mix 106.1, to promote SummerSlam 2012. In the interview she talked about being Raw General Manager, the past Divas that have inspired her, Daniel Bryan, and more. When asked whether she would pose for Playboy, she responded with “never, ever, ever.”
Here is a link to the interview:

—On August 13, 2012, NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes reality-show competition premiered, in which WWE Diva Eve Torres is one of the competitors. Eve Torres was paired with Operative Grady Powell, where the two survived the first elimination. Eve’s charity is the USO (United Service Organizations).

IGN.com interviewed Eve Torres in promotion for the show, earlier the same day. In the interview, she talked about the show, AJ Lee, Main Eventing Raw, and more. Here is the link to the interview:

On the job AJ Lee has been doing as Raw’s General manager she noted:

I’m not impressed. I think she is not fit for the job, and I think you need a strong, intelligent, beautiful woman to have that job — and that’s me. I have the experience, I have the expertise, I was executive administrator for many months and I should be the next one in that role. So I’m not okay with it, and we’ll go from there.

Taryn Terrell—Former WWE Diva Tiffany, real name Taryn Terrell has been reported to be in Will Ferrell’s movie The Campaign as a model. On IMDB, her character is listed to be “Janette.” Taryn is also set to make numerous appearances on the new season of HBO’s Treme, as “Cindy,” and in 2003′s Aztec Warrior—which stars Terry Crews, Luis Guzmán, and more.

—Independent wrestler Danyah Rivietz has been reported to have recently gotten married to former TNA wrestler Johnny Devine. This was reported on Slam! Wrestling on Saturday, August 11, 2012. Click here for Danyah’s 2008 Lethalwow.com Interview.

–In the latest Jim Ross blog, he writes about the release of A.W. and Sofia Cortez (Ivelisse Velez). Here wrote the following…

AW’s release was unfortunate. He’s a talented guy who made a costly mistake. One door closes another opens. I hope AW regroups and finds success. Speaking from experience, one has to put issues such as this behind them and move positively forward. I wish AW the best.

Same goes for Sofia who I really liked, too. Only advice I’d provide both talents is to move forward and depend on their skills and passion to find happiness and success. Life deals all of us challenging hands.

—Sofia Cortez responded to rumors that she was released due to attitude issues saying…

It amazes me & breaks my <3 to have people says lies about me. Im 1 of the most humble person you'll ever meet. I & my people know #DaTrut.

So for the record: #No I DONT have an attitude or ego problem. #No Im NOT going to go on a rant & bad mouth @WWE . But #Yes I got screwed.

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WWE Divas – August 6, 2012 Raw Results: Kelly Kelly returns!

Kelly Kelly returns to Raw

On the August 6, 2012 edition of WWE Raw, Kelly Kelly returned to WWE programming after weeks of hiatus…

—WWE Raw opened with a recap of last week’s Raw (AJ’s first night of General Manager)—the first show “booked” under Raw General Manager AJ Lee. Her music then hit, where she announced the matches she booked for this week’s show. The segment saw her confronted by CM Punk, John Cena, and later The Big Show…

AJ was later involved in backstage segments with Alberto Del Rio & Daniel Bryan


WWE Divas – August 6, 2012 Raw Match:
Kelly Kelly vs. Eve Torres

Kelly Kelly‘s music hit, and she made her way to the ring. Kelly Kelly’s absence from Raw in the past few months was acknowledged, followed by Eve Torres making her entrance. The commentators noted that this match was made by Raw General Manager AJ Lee due to Eve’s comments on AJ as general manager. Eve Torres attempted to leave the match after the bell rang; however, Kelly Kelly grabbed her and slammed her to the mat. She then hit a Thesz press followed by punches (if you want to call them that). She stayed on offense in the moments that followed. The fight spilled to ringside with another attempt from Eve to leave the match. This saw Kelly Kelly send Eve into the ringside barriers. Eve was finally able to turn the match in her favor towards the end; however, it was not enough. Kelly Kelly was able to get a roll-up to win the match…

Winner(s): Kelly Kelly at 3:04

Thoughts: After weeks of no WWE Divas matches on Raw (and Smackdown), we finally got a Divas match, and it even went just over 3 minutes. Too bad it was a reminder of the repetitive, uneventful matches that have not been missed involving Kelly Kelly. With rumors of the WWE wanting to re-sign Kelly Kelly under a long term contract, it seems we will have more of these matches in store. On a positive note, at least the fans actually care for Kelly Kelly and react to her matches. Soemthing that will see her pushed over say… WWE Divas Champion Layla.

As usual, AJ did an amazing job with her role.

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