K-Perspective – WWE Raw & TNA Impact: AJ Lee First Week as Raw GM, Madison Rayne #1 Contender for Knockouts title & More

Another edition of K-Perspective, this week a bit more Divas featured than usual on Raw, despite WWE  now having 6 hours of programming they managed to squeeze a 4 minute Divas Match for the week, the knockouts have another good match, some NXT goodness, well maybe not so good.

It’s the AJ Lee Show

This week was AJ’s first week as Raw’s General Manager and I have to say, she did a really splendid job. First off, we didn’t see the usual glasses, overexposing cleavage and mini-skirts ala Stacy Keibler, Eve Torres and many other women put in power position, she decided to take the Stephanie McMahon look with less cleavage of course and it suited her, also she has a last name. Finally, I feel, that is something I felt the divas lacked, a last name, sure Kaitlyn, AJ, Maxine are all cute names, but I feel a last name really adds a whole lot, is why Beth Phoenix is more fun to say than, Kaitlyn, sure the one name thing works for most people but when all the divas are identified by one name is a bit too much, Any who going off topic. Newly named AJ Lee, got a whole lot of screen time and did some splendid microphone work, she is still highly involved with the main event but now maybe making some “executive” decisions in the Divas Division would be nice too. But all in all, I enjoyed AJ Lee as the general manager hope it’s not another short term kind of thing like they did with Eve.

We also got to see some Vickie Guerrero and Cameron and Naomi (more singular name divas ugh) in a dance off, last week I felt Vickie Guerrero kind of vanished in the background and maybe Dolph didn’t need her anymore, THIS was the Vickie Guerrero I missed and loved, she was on fire tonight and made the best of the time she got in the spotlight. But not sure what this whole segment was needed for? To introduce Vickie’s new “Queen” gimmick? Is Dolph Being reduced to the Bronk-a-saurus matches? Not sure, but it got some good laughs and Vickie being highly animated and fun is always a plus, which again raises my question, does Dolph still need Vickie Guerrero? Or maybe it’s time for her to do other things? Because she seems to phase out more when Dolph is around, though it’s something that has been happening recently.

Instant Impact

Well, can I say I’m pleased with the 4 way match this week? It was one of the better matches we’ve seen in TNA in a while. It was no classic, started out a little all over the place but in the end, it all fell into place nicely and became a really entertaining match, filled with some neat spots, some surprising moments and well, some actual action and wrestling. It had the makings to be great, but was all over the place a bit. Either way, Mickie James, Tara, Gail Kim and Madison Rayne did a great job and everything was great, with exception of the ending of course, but I’ll give it a free pass, because as stupid as the storyline may seem, again it opens doors for many opportunities and more chaos. Gail Kim certainly isn’t happy now Madison Rayne is getting special favors, she may have been when it was benefiting her, like last week, but this week, it only benefited Madison Rayne, so Gail Kim, may not be too pleased. Tara or Mickie James aren’t please either after last’s week’s debacle and then what happened this week. So I feel, it is helping building up towards something and which is why I don’t mind the storyline as much for now. Though, it seems kind of pointless to have Brooke Hogan assigned as the new VP of the knockouts yet she has these kinds of shenanigans going on, maybe she’ll address it next week? Well let’s hope.

Other impact moments were ODB talking about the Knockouts Tag Team Titles, which have been absent for a while, finally something might be done about them, I hope an unannounced tag match at Hardcore Justice and Sarita and Rosita could start a second Reign together? Mickie James and Tara have been a great duo as of late, have them take on Sarita and Rosita for the titles after? Well we can hope right. We also saw Ms. Tessmacher (We can’t call her Brooke Anymore) on commentary, she wasn’t great, she wasn’t bad, but I felt she could do better. But she wasn’t completely lost out there and she seemed into the match, which I don’t blame her for, it was a bit exciting at one point. And lastly am I the only one hoping TNA actually hired someone more versatile to play Claire? Sure she annoys me, but if you are going to bring in an actress for a storyline at least bring in someone who has the possibility to become maybe someone’s Valet? Like Chelsea (Gosh I miss her).


We got a rather, decent match (though it’s a stretch) on NXT, we saw young Guerrero…oops I mean Raquel Diaz take on Audrey Marie, now, this match was, well bad but there were so much factors that made this match bad, before it even started.Shaul Marie Guerrero First Audrey Marie, boy is she pretty, she was so pretty, seeing her walk down the ring, already gave me the impression this match was going to be bad. She didn’t do anything wrong but her choice in attire with her look, it was like watching Stacy Keibler walking down the ring and you instantly got the impression, yeah this isn’t going to be good. She seemed like a typical T&A girl, I saw her and couldn’t see her even standing toe to toe with Layla and see her as any threat. Less cleavage and tone it up a bit, she didn’t look athletic and didn’t come off as it. She could wrestle like Gail Kim and still you can’t take her serious, something Kaitlyn and Eve Torres has over her, with little skill, they had an athletic build, so they could be crap but they look the part, Audrey didn’t look the part, or well the athletic part, she came off like the Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler and Dawn Marie part.

Then out came Raquel Diaz, the typical pretty girl gimmick but tweaked, overused but always fun and actually enjoyed her coming down to the ring with her own microphone, introducing herself. Well done, then she wrestled.

The match was decent enough to get by but nothing to write home about. Even the crowd thought so because they started chanting “You Can’t Wrestle”. The ONLY good part, was Paige at the end backstage, Paige (Britani Knight) vs. Raquel Diaz next? I’m sure Paige can pull out a better match out of her.

Smackdown Seconds

Well, we got like 120 seconds worth of Diva time on Smackdown this week, Eve Torres sucked up to new Smackdown General Manager for a job, which she didn’t get, while Layla El congratulated Booker T on being Smackdown GM and well, got interrupted Cody Rhodes only to disappear in the background and do nothing. That was our smackdown Recap, hope you enjoyed it. (add sarcasm)

The Dump the divas there show…I mean Superstars

This week we got Natalya taking on Layla El, the alignment confused Natalya actually interests me this week, the match was a bit more than the regular divas match (which is not saying a lot) but I guess if you enjoy those, you’d enjoy this one too. But Natalya, I’d like them to dip more into her fun loving turn rough character. I think it would at least make her more interesting maybe? She was all smiles and suddenly she was trying to take out Layla El’s head with some shots. I kinda like that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde complex of it. Though she is basically a jobber now, at least that makes her interesting? Like Singing made Jillian Hall Interesting when she was a jobber. Layla EL, I really didn’t like this random bubbly bit she was doing. It was random, weird and thought the AJ-syndrome was catching on. Didn’t like it and hope she doesn’t do it again, it was just odd.

What to look forward too?

Well we have the second week of AJ Lee’s reign as Raw General Manager. The fall out of Madison Rayne’s win over the other Knockouts, will Brooke Hogan do something about it? ODB and Eric Young? More Eric Young show plug but maybe more details on the Tag Title situation and of course the biggest question of them all, the one we ask every week….Will there be a Divas Match on Raw? And Will the Divas Champion appear on an actual WWE Programming and not an internet show that is for the international market of WWE.

So what are your thoughts on this week? Like? Hate? Tolerated?

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WWE Divas – July 30, 2012 Raw Results: AJ’s first night of General Manager, AJ now using “AJ Lee”

On the July 30, 2012 edition of WWE Raw, the WWE witnessed AJ’s first night as the General Manager of Raw…

—WWE Raw started off with a CM Punk segment, which saw him confronted by John Cena and The Big Show. This prompted AJ‘s first order of business. AJ (PROFILE) booked the Main Even of Raw; The Big Show versus John Cena, with the winner to face CM Punk at SummerSlam 2012 on on August 19, 2012…

AJ was later confronted in her office by Daniel Bryan—still upset about being left at the alter. AJ noted that she saw right through Bryan’s plan to marry her in order to have her committed to a mental institution. Bryan claimed that the men in white uniforms were just his friends. AJ then put Daniel Bryan in a non-title match against Sheamus, to his dismay…

—After losing to Sheamus, Daniel Bryan refused to leave the ring. Scheduled to compete was Kofi Kingston accompanied by R-Truth (w/ Little Jimmy) who tried getting Bryan out of the ring. Bryan then called the orderlies to ring to take R-Truth to the loony bin. AJ instead came out, telling the orderlies that Daniel Bryan was the one who was mentally unstable. The orderlies then took Bryan away…

Bryan was then seen throughout the show being mentally evaluated.

—AJ’s night ended after the Main Event. Due to CM Punk’s interference, AJ made the SummerSlam 2012 match a Triple Threat… CM Punk vs. The Big Show vs. John Cena.

Also on the show, was Vickie Guerrero interrupting Brodus Clay, Naomi and Cameron…

Thoughts: This was a great first Raw as General Manager for AJ. She did a fantastic job with the great stuff the writers gave her to do. She has definitely come a long way, in something of a cinderella story, in a day and age where the Divas are an afterthought. AJ in business was definitely a hit.

Speaking of that, of course we did not get a WWE Divas match, and of course the WWE Divas Champion was irrelevant. With Raw expanding to 3-Hours, the Women’s Division will not suddenly be booked better than when Raw was two hours.

And as also, great job by Vickie Guerrero, Cameron and Naomi in their managerial roles.

—AJ had now been given a last name on WWE programming… “AJ Lee.” AJ lee was the named AJ used during her time at WWE development territory Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).

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K-Perspective – WWE Raw & TNA Impact: AJ New Raw GM, Knockouts Tag Matches and more

Well, a bit more official now, with the “K-Perspective”, where I’ll give a bit of my take on all that went down this week on WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, WWE NXT, WWE Superstars, TNA Impact and OVW TV. Well hopefully I get enough material to cover them all. But, this week has been a little light on the Diva side but with some great announcements, while we get the Knockouts back on screen this week on TNA Impact.

The Raw Rundown

This week on WWE Raw, we got the return of three legends, Lita, Trish Stratus and Stephanie McMahon. As well as the AJ – Bryan Daniel wedding. The wedding was great, not as crazy as the usual WWE Weddings but it came across well and we saw AJ looking amazingly stunning. Everything seems to be going okay then AJ made the announcement but she was saying “Yes” but not to Daniel Bryan but to someone else who gave her an offer, she just couldn’t say know too. Out came Vince McMahon and announced AJ as the NEW General Manager of WWE Raw. To me, this was a bit of a surprise, everyone pointed fingers all over but nobody never really thought of AJ, her name was brought up a few times but most people saw Vickie Guerrerro and Eve Torres as contenders with the better chance. AJ did a great job and the crowd responded very well. AJ is at the top of the food chain Diva was and we can only hope WWE would take an opportunity of this and slowly start focusing on someone else, though we all had hope for Eve Torres but she kind of faded out rather quickly with all the momentum she had going and seems to be heel #2 now, instead of the major player she was once upon a time.

Trish Stratus and Lita backstage at the 1,000th episode of WWE RawWe also so Lita defeat Heath Slater, with help of some great WWE Legends of course, oddly, many would have expected Trish getting the big moment seeing as she has always been WWE’s Golden Girl but this time the focus was on Lita and didn’t she look great? Sure the moonsault wasn’t perfect but really how many Lita moonsaults are perfect? She really got her moment to shine and the crowd just ate it up. We also got to see Trish reliving her awkward moment she once had with Triple H long ago and as usual, her acting was top notch, she always managed to do something in her segment that made her stand out and this was no different. Lastly another ground breaking microphone moment from Stephanie McMahon, who after her time off, obviously didn’t lose her touch. She was clearly on fire and it was great seeing her back, with AJ as GM, you got to wonder, if there will be more Stephanie McMahon moments to come.

Instant Impact

This week on impact we got the announcement that next week we get another 4 Way Match to crown a new #1 Contender. Kind of lazy on their part, it’s the same way we current knockouts Champion Brooke Tessmacher was made #1 contender before winning the championship. But what can we say, their trying right? Plus oddly enough, going into this I don’t know who seems like the best contender, it could be anyone and I wouldn’t mind. Maybe we should count out Gail Kim? She had the championship, she got her rematch maybe it’s time for her to take a break, but with a potential Mickie James heel turn and Tara being Brooke’s former tag team partner and Madison in a bit of a storyline it could go either way. The tag match, was good, all four women looked good out there, pretty aggressive, nice pace and good storytelling. Despite being off screen for long, they still had their personalities that still set them all apart. The end of the match? Pretty screwy and odd but it’s TNA, we can expect these kind of oddball endings but on the bright side it keeps this Madison Rayne storyline going on.


We got a stellar match between Sofia Cortez vs. Natalya, where Sofia won by count out when Natalya refused to get in the ring. After the match Natalya attacked Sofia and then put her in the sharpshooter before making her way backstage. This was another screw ball ending, didn’t get why Natalya refused to get in the ring but, it was a pretty good match so why complain? My issue was though, I didn’t care, maybe that’s why I wasn’t into the match. Well maybe that was a bit harsh, but I saw Sofia Cortez and I found myself thinking, “Why should I care for this girl”, there hasn’t been much of character development in the WWE, I see a girl out here, smiling wrestling, trying to get the crowd pumped up by screaming, she’s doing pretty well in the ring but, is that a reason enough to cheer her on? Don’t get me wrong, I love Sofia, been a fan way before her Tough Enough and NXT days but the WWE isn’t giving me a chance to get to know her, give me a reason to cheer her so I can’t get into the match as much as I’d want too.


This week, newly signed TNA Knockout and OVW Women’s Champion Taeler Hendrix wrestled Jesse Belle in a losing effort, which reminds me, anyone have any idea who this Jesse Belle girl is? I like her, she’s got good size, good look and seems to have a fun personality. The match was no masterpiece but Taeler is clearly still learning a lot and maybe her not being called up is for a reason, since she just have a lot to work on, she is very amateur-ish in her acting, her wrestling is still pretty green, but the potential is there, but she needs some guiding in the right direction, I kind of ended up liking Jesse Belle more, she seemed more fun. OVW has also been in a bit of a slump when it comes to the women, since the departure of many former WWE talents and Mickie Knoxx as well as the lack of Epiphany, there isn’t much buzz worthy talent there but maybe with TNA’s help OVW can attract some girls on there, but Jesse Belle is certainly someone to look out for.

What to look forward too?

Well, certainly AJ’s first reign as General Manager of Raw is something we all are excited to see I’m sure. What will she do? This was a curveball move and I have to admit they added some excitement to what I felt was becoming a really boring product. Also the Knockouts #1 contenders match is also something to look forward too, should be good, most contender matches in TNA are usually exciting.

So what are your thoughts on this week? Not much from the WWE if you ask me.

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