TNA Knockouts – February 28, 2013 impact Results: Lei’d Tapa vs. Ivelisse Velez, Velvet Sky defends against Tara.

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On the February 28, 2013 edition of iMpact Wrestling, in Knockouts action was Velvet Sky defending the TNA Women’s Knockout Championship in a match against Tara, and Lei’d Tapa and Ivelisse Velez facing off in a TNA Gut Check match…

At the start of Impact Wrestling, we saw Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray making their way into the Impact Zone, as they gave an update on the condition of Hulk Hogan after the attack he suffered by Aces & Eights last week. After an in-ring promo, it was announced that two women would battle in the TNA Gut Check Challenge match, and that Tara would be getting her Knockouts Championship rematch on the show….

Velvet Sky was seen making her way to the ring, followed by commercials…

TNA Wrestling – February 28, 2013 iMpact Match
TNA Women’s Knockout Championship
Velvet Sky (c) vs. Tara

Velvet Sky - TNA Knockouts ChampionGail Kim was introduced as the special guest commentator for this match, followed by Tara and Jessie making their way to the ring. Next was a recap of Kim pinning Tara during last week’s 4-Way elimination match (Velvet Sky becomes a 2-Time Knockouts Champion), followed by Velvet Sky making her entrance. The bell rang and Tara went right after Velvet. Velvet made an early comeback in this fast pace match. After a head scissors takedown, Jesse interfered by grabbing Sky’s legs. Velvet then got a spear on Tara and went for a cover. Jessie however pulled Velvet off of Tara, which led to Taryn Terrel ejecting him from ringside. Tara was distracted by this, leaving her wide open for Velvet Sky to hit her finisher for the win…

Winner: Velvet Sky at 2:07

After the match, Jeremy Borash announced that Gail Kim would challenge Velvet Sky at TNA Lockdown.

The second Knockouts match of the night came with a TNA Gut Check match, where independent wrestler Lei’d Tapa (pronounced “Lady Tapa”)–niece of Sione Vailahi (The Barbarian), faced former WWE development talent Sofia Cortez, real name Ivelisse Velez.

TNA Wrestling – February 28, 2013 iMpact Match
TNA Gut Check Challenge Match
Lei’d Tapa vs. Ivelisse Velez

Impact Wrestling Lei’D Tapa—A video package introducing Ivelisse Velez was played first on the show, with one of Lei’d Tapa played later on. Ivelisse made her way to the ring first for this match, followed by Lei’d Tapa. Lei’D Tapa dominated this from the start, with Ivelisse using submissions and agility to try and compete against the much bigger Lei’D. In the end, Velez was able to apply a Guillotine choke for the win…

Winner: Ivelisse Velez by submission at 4:16.

Thoughts: Exciting night for the Knockouts Division, with a rare 2 matches on the show. Remember those got old days when two Knockouts matches on Impact Wrestling was a normal thing? Unfortunately though, the Knockouts Title match did get the short end of the stick with time. One of the shortest Knockouts matches we have seen in some time. I suppose it comes down to quality versus quantity, which do we prefer?

The Knockouts Title match itself was one of the weaker matches we have seen from the Knockouts in recent month. But it served its purpose of giving Tara her rematch, and setting up a Knockouts Title match for TNA Lockdown. Not much else to say here, as the star attraction of the night was definitely Lei’d Tapa vs. Ivelisse Velez…

Ivelisse oozes confidence that really reads through the camera, and it was great seeing her take on the opposing force of Lei’D Tapa. Tapa looked amazing in the ring, for her time training as a wrestler (Two years I recalled from the promo). Very nice spots in the match with the choke into an arm drag, and the beautifully executed hurricanrana. And how rare is it to see submission finishes by the women in TNA and the WWE? Lei’D can no doubt bring an interesting dynamic to the Division if she gets a contract, as with Ivelisse, who many feel should have never been released from World Wrestling Entertainment. Hopefully we get to see these two talented women go at it in a much longer match in the future.

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