Velvet Sky on the cover of “Nude and Nasty” DVD

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Posted on Friday, August 8th, 2008
by Arron Carlton

Women's Wrestling - Nude And NastyWomen’s Wrestling – Nude And Nasty

– The latest issue of Fighting Spirit has an advertisement for DVD releases from theWomen’s Extreme Wrestling wrestling promotion based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The advertisement features two DVD covers — one featuring a raven-haired woman I can’t put a name to wearing handcuffs, the other featuring current TNA Knockout Velvet Sky. Under the guise of Talia Madison, Velvet Sky worked a few shows for Women’s Extreme Wrestling wrestling promotion back in 2006. Sky shares the DVD cover with some nameless blonde women, who looks to be a porn star, and is wearing star-shaped pasties. The DVD is called “NUDE AND NASTY” with the tagline “NO MINORS – NO EXCEPTIONS! TOO HOT FOR T.V.!” While some of the women featured on the DVD appear nude one way or another, I don’t believe Velvet Sky ever appeared nude for WEW, as she just wrestled on their shows. She probably just has the most name recognition and/or is the prettiest, so they decided to put her on the cover in their recent DVD release. You can see the DVD cover featuring Velvet Sky at this link(Credit:
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